Microwave Idli Dhokla| Instant Microwave Idli Dhokla – Super soft and Spongy
  1. Grease the Microwave Idli stand. See pics. Add 2 cups of water and heat in microwave for 2 min to make the water boil. Keep aside.
  2. In a mixing bowl, mix together- Besan, salt, sooji, ginger garlic paste, sugar, hing.
  3. Now, mix together turmeric powder in 2-3 tbsp water and pour it into the besan mixture.
  4. Now, add water to make a thick but smooth paste. Do not add too much together as after we add Eno to the mixture, it becomes a bit runny.
  5. Mix ENO in 1 tbsp oil and then add to the besan mix.
  6. Mix lightly as we do not want the bubbles to die out. Now see the consistency. It should be like pakora batter- smooth a runny but not watery. In case needed add a bit water more.
  7. Immediately pour the batter into the Idli stand and microwave for 4 minutes.
  1. In a tadka pan, heat oil, add mustard seeds, and hing. Let the seeds sputter, then add the slit green chilies.
  2. Add curry leaves and once they splutter add water and sugar.
  3. Let the water boil on simmer for 2-3 min. Shut the flame and let it cool down to room temperature.
  1. Take out the Idli maker for the microwave.
  2. Open the lid of the idli maker and take out the stand. Let this cool down at room temerature. Un-mould the Idlis and let them come to room temperature. Then, Dip each idli in the tempering to nicely soak the tempering and place on the serving plate.
  3. You can have them like this or chill in the refrigerator for 10-15 min. Serve with green chillies and curry leaves on top. Sprinkle some grated coconut and serve cold.