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A Banker by profession and now a homemaker by choice,my gastronomic journey has been an interesting sequence of events. From fear of cooking  to a complete kitchen lover, my journey from figures to flavors commenced with the advent of my Son in 2008.With his growing up,i wanted to feed him “food” which was nutritious as well as pleasing to his taste buds. I had started cooking much before but just  the needful. Cooking and especially baking became a passion  only with my son’s growing up demands. Couldn’t say no and couldn’t have fed him the commercial eatables always. Also as a mother ,many would agree with me, that you are always on a hunt for opportunities of disguising the healthy  and rich in nutrition ingredients ,which the kids otherwise just don’t eat. So cakes,breads n…cupcakes were a fabulous opportunities for me to hide all the goodness in the taste.I bake majorly wholewheat cakes and try to choose my ingredients wisely to get taste and health together on the platter!From bakes to many other dishes , i love posting and sharing all my kitchen experiments,of course only the successful ones.This blog is a journal of my love for food,photography and styling. Also all recipes posted are tried and tested and retested before i finally share with you all.

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