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1. Vanilla Cake recipe was part of a prestigious ebook: Experimental Cuisines.


2. Featured in The Times Of India,August 2016 for my recipe: Doli Ki Roti



Here’s a glimpse of the write up:

Doli ki roti’s genesis must have been in the dough that fermented when there were no refrigerators and women grappled with ways to make good use of it, as food wastage was considered a sin. As its popularity grew, people started prepar ing special spicy yeast mix ture with which the dough was kneaded and then stuffed with various lentils or mince meat or khoya or simply peas and onions. It was then shallow fried to golden brown. It can be made sweet or savoury, though the latter was more common.

The dish is aromatic as it’s load ed with spices. And spices, like memory , have a habit of taking you back in time. Remembering her childhood days, Delhi based food blogger Aditi Bahl, says, “We grew up eating this delicacy. I like all its variations: keema doli, khoya doli, onion doli and dal doli. But my personal favourite is the one stuffed with lentils. I inherited the recipe from my nani. Every year, we waited for summer, when she would send dolis in all its avatars. It was our favourite breakfast. These can be stored in the refrigerator for a week. I continue to prepare these so that the treasure is not lost. I want my children and friends to enjoy and remember it.“

3. My recipe Doli Ki Roti was a wild card winner at the BetterButter contest.


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