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Garnet glow Tea review/ recipesandyou

Tea and Us

Tea is the most popular beverage after water. Having said that, many Indians and people around the world are discovering gourmet tea for the first time. Firstly, used as a vegetable relish and medicine and then a daily routine. And now from a daily cup of tea to exploring the finer qualities and experimenting with flavors in Tea.


Tea is also about people and feelings !

I am a Tea lover. I need my daily cup of Tea and then often I need a cup of my flavored green tea. Occasionally, I do relish a cup of black tea. But instead of a boring classic, I like to experiment with new flavors. That is why I keep trying new tastes and brands.

garnet glow tea review/recipesandyou


I must have tasted a dozen types till now including the local custom mixtures from the local market. My quest has often found me both good and not so good results. But my recent discovery of this brand GARNET GLOW TEA made me meet the perfect flavors I haven’t tasted in a long time. I got to taste three flavors: Masala Grove, Oolong Tea and CTC Premium Tea.

For all of you who are new to the terms, there are many varieties of Tea in the market. Mainly there is- Black Tea, Oolong, Green Tea and herbal Tea. Teas are either prepared in the orthodox way or by CTC Method which is –Crush, Tear, and Curl.

Black Tea :

Black Tea is allowed to fully oxidize during the processing. Oxidization helps the Tea acquire their dark color and rich malty aroma.

Oolong Tea:

It is neither Black nor green tea. Unlike, black tea it is oxidized only for a few days. Due to its partial oxidization,its flavors fall somewhere between the black tea and green tea.It has a beautiful dark golden color. Also its shape is like small leaves and when they are brewed they open and leave their color and aroma.

garnet glow tea review by recipesandyou


Garnet Glow – Masala Grove Tea

Ingredients: Black Tea (82%), Natural coarse ground whole spices (18%)


A unique blend of authentic Indian herbs and spices with rich premium tea leaves ensures that the goodness of all the ingredients are absorbed uniformly and gets released perfectly at the time of brewing. Known for its health benefits, daily consumption can help in boosting your metabolism.

The Masala Groove : Flavor-Mildly sweet (with no sugar added).A beautiful balance of sweetness and robust flavors of the spices. The aroma and lovely soothing flavors of green cardamom just take the taste to another level.A delicious treat for any Masala Tea lover.

Health Benefits: Reduces cancer risk, Supports Immune System, Relieves PMS, Anti-Inflammatory Aid, Improves digestion, etc.

You Can Buy it  here:


Garnet Glow –Oolong


 [Taste without sugar]

Rich semi-fermented leaves leaving a wonderful aroma as soon as they submerge into the hot water.                  Have a savory not salty flavor. Health benefits are richer as compared to the black Tea. A cup of sheer Bliss!

oolong tea review/recipesandyou

Health Benefits:

Lowers Cholesterol, Increases Mental Alertness, Aids Digestion, Prevents Tooth Decay, Supports Immune System.


Garnet Glow CTC Premium

Ingredients: Black Tea 

Flavors: Tastes best with or without milk. The unique aroma will smoothen your senses and it’s exquisite flavors will revive and energize your body, mind and soul.

You can buy it here


.Garnet Glow :

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  1. Tony Tan says:

    Thanks for this great post!
    In my country, tea is popular and so different!

  2. Thanks tony. Its always a pleasure to get comments from your readers. Glad to know you liked.

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