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  1. Litti Chokha Katoris

This amazing snack from Bihar with a new twist makes a perfect snack for Holi.

Recipe Link : http://www.recipesandyou.com/litti-chokha-katoris-oven-baked-recipe


2. Chole Bhature Baked Bites 

Our very own chole bhature in a new healthier avatar.Be sure there is no compromise with the taste .You’ll fall in love with this baked version.Its a make ahead snack and can be served on the table before your Holi celebration begins.











Recipe Link: http://www.recipesandyou.com/chole-bhature-baked-bites-recipe

3. Traditional Gujiya / Karanji


Recipe Link : http://www.recipesandyou.com/gujiya-karanji-recipe

  1. Dahi Vada


Recipe Link: http://www.recipesandyou.com/dahi-vada-thayir-vadas-recipe

  1.  Beetroot Patties :

Recipe Link: http://www.recipesandyou.com/beetroot-burgers

  1. Khoya Truffles 

Recipe Link: http://www.recipesandyou.com/khoya-truffles-made-from-homemade-khoya-recipe

  1. Dahi Bhalla

Recipe Link :  http://www.recipesandyou.com/dahi-bhalla-recipe

  1. Easy One Pot Brownies  

Recipe Link :http://www.recipesandyou.com/brownies-easy-and-simple-recipe

  1. Gulab Phirni /Rose Phirni

Recipe Link: http://www.recipesandyou.com/gulab-phirni-rose-phirnirose-rice-pudding-recipe

  1. Soy Brokenwheat Fritters 

Recipe Link: http://www.recipesandyou.com/nutrelasoy-brokenwheat-fritters-recipe

  1. Cauliflower Nuggets                                                                                                                                                    Cauliflower may sound very unconventional, but these come out just amazing. A perfect Holi Snack.

Recipe Link: : http://www.recipesandyou.com/cauliflower-nuggets-recipe

  1. Falafel with hummus

Recipe Link: http://www.recipesandyou.com/falafel-easy-n-quick-recipe

  1. Green Gram Fritters/Moong dal Pakora

Recipe Link: http://www.recipesandyou.com/moong-dalgreen-gram-pakoras-fritters-recipe

  1. Almond Berry Marbel Cake

Recipe Link :http://www.recipesandyou.com/almond-berries-marble-cake


  1. Veg- Seekh Kabab (pan roasted)

Recipe Link: http://www.recipesandyou.com/veg-seekh-kabab-recipe


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